World’s Only Self-Loading Vertical Baler

World’s Only Self-Loading Vertical Baler

Strautmann’s BaleTainer® and the AutoLoadBaler® are balers unlike any other on the market. 


In the last 3 years, these machines have proved to be a revelation to their users and shown to be outstanding value for money (with over 150 installations of each completed to date). Users include supermarkets, shopping malls, Government departments, hospitals, distribution warehouses and manufacturers of all kinds. 



Compact & Bale has been appointed UK distributor for top German manufacturer Strautmann’s automated baling machinery range Automate to Save and recently had an AutoLoadBaler® at the Total Processing and Packaging Exhibition at stand FG82. The AutoLoadBaler® is the World’s only self-loading vertical baler, with a lower cost and smaller footprint than horizontal semi-automatic balers. Reduced labour costs of up to 400 hours per annum per 100 tonne of cardboard have been recorded for the AutoLoadBaler®.



The Automate to Save range has been so successful that a well-known Swedish flat pack furniture company is installing the BaleTainer® globally and major German supermarket chains are installing the AutoLoadBaler® in every store. Both machines produce uniform mill size bales delivering 24 tonne payloads for maximum returns.




Compact & Bale now offer the following patented machines along with Stautmann’s standard baler range;


• The BaleTainer® is a fully automatic baling press for the compaction of cardboard, polythene film and PET-bottles. With its massive infeed system, swing plate and rotor, the BaleTainer® easily compacts even cardboard pallets, furniture boxes and octabins into 450kg mill size bales that are automatically tied and ejected from the machine.


• The LiquiDrainer® empties filled PET bottles, TetraPak® cartons and beverage cans. As entire multi-packs of product can be automatically loaded and processed at up to 21,000 units per hour (depending on size), high-cost manual opening of waste product packs is no longer necessary. The LiquiDrainer® has revolutionised manufacturing, bottling and distribution centres, waste and recycling operations by draining packaging automatically and compacting them into briquettes or bales using a BrikPress® or BaleTainer®


• The Strautmann StyroPress® compacts EPS (Styropor®) into briquettes with a volume reduction of up to 97%. Using a unique prefill hopper it can be filled and left to run automatically for up to 8 hours with no operator.


• The AutoLoadBaler is a self-loading vertical baler. Cardboard boxes are collected in the salesroom, storeroom, production area, etc. using special 1,000 litre bins that come with the machine. When full, each bin is pushed into the side of the baler which automatically raises the bin floor, forcing the material within up into a set of rotors that feed the material into the bale chamber where it is compacted into 450kg mill size bales.


These machines are revolutionising recycling operations globally and are new to the UK market. If you are interested in a working demonstration please contact Compact & Bale directly for more details.


Founded in 1930, Strautmann launched its first baling press in 1993 and is now represented in 32 countries worldwide. Recognised for high quality, intelligent machinery, Strautmann is a company that is not afraid to change the norm.


Established in 2000, Compact & Bale provide total waste and recycling solutions that include intelligent labour saving equipment, “Zero Landfill”, waste and recycling collections, data reporting and compliance. Their innovative approach to waste and recycling helps systemise customers’ waste management operations, reduce costs and maximise recycling revenues.  


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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall