Free 3D drinks can app launched

Free 3D drinks can app launched

CanCreator, a free online drinks can design app, has been unveiled by the UK Can Makers, the trade body representing drinks can manufacturers in the UK. Specifically aimed at making it easy for designers to visualise and share creations in 3D, the app is now available for free online and to download for Mac and PC at

In just a few clicks, CanCreator opens up an exciting world of possibility for a visual audience. Designs are quickly brought to life in glorious 3D in a variety of sizes and finishes, whether it’s the next big thing in soft drinks, an up and coming beer brand or something completely different.

Creations by young designers, Hayley Barrett, Isaac Sodipo and Rachel Gidlow, from leading design agencies, Design Bridge and JKR Global, show just the start of the app’s potential.

Hayley Barrett, Senior Designer at Design Bridge commented, “This is a great little app which is easy to use and quick to understand. At the end of the day packaging is never 2D, so this app is a great tool to see realistic results fast.”

Isaac Sodipo, Designer at JKR Global said, “It took seconds to understand the app and I was amazed at how simple it was to see designs in 3D – it’s usually a complicated process. It’s so handy for creating and showing designs to other people and will make a lot of people’s lives easier.”

Rachel Gidlow, Designer at JKR said, “What struck me was how quick it was to apply designs for a 360 degree view. This process is perfect for those who want to bring their designs to life in an instant!”

Templates for popular can sizes are available to download for use in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, so designers can focus on their creations. Once complete, it’s easy to upload designs for a 3D view from any angle. There are also innovative printing techniques, such as heat sensitive thermochromic inks and tactile finishes, available at the touch of a button.

Whether complete or a work in progress, designers can save creations locally or to a secure online database to share or continue at a later date. Additional functions include screenshots to make sharing easy, whether within a presentation or via email.

Geoff Courtney, Chairman of the UK Can Makers, comments, “Packaging plays such a vital role in making products stand out on shelf, and drinks cans offer so many possibilities. We wanted to make exploring and showcasing drinks can designs easy, so we worked closely with designers to create an app that would let them see for themselves without any hassle. Initial feedback has been very positive and we hope everyone finds it a useful tool for creating impactful drinks can designs.”


Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall