Tin Horse and Kleenex® “Slim” pack

Tin Horse and Kleenex® “Slim” pack


Tin Horse is an innovation, design and structural packaging agency, specialising in FMCG brands.

For 23 years we have worked on a fantastically diverse array of global FMCG projects from Ariel to Axe, from Andrex to Ann Summers! Our Marlborough based studio is equipped with everything we need from workshops where we can build and experiment, to viewing facilities where we can share the journey of discovery with both our clients and the consumers we’re designing for.

At Tin Horse we strive to be agile and effective. We do this experientially, by getting to the heart of the problem: in homes, in store and key brand touch points. Learning from both conscious and unconscious consumer practices enables us to forge robust, meaningful insights. Our mantra is we talk to “Real People, in Real Situations, using Real Things.”

We were delighted to win the Starpack Award of Excellence 2013 in the Green Star category for the Kleenex® “Slim” pack.

Kimberly Clark and Tin Horse created a multidisciplinary team and set the aspirational brief of saving costs, based on a motivating consumer insight, which would benefit all stakeholders. Ethnographic research was conducted to find a fundamental truth about the Tissue category: If tissues are to be useful, they must be to hand. Slim and discreet packs are much easier to place.

Concurrently the team explored methods of cost reduction such as light-weighting, material reduction, but realised only drastic product compaction could achieve the aspiration in material and carbon savings and consumer motivation. This culminated in the Kleenex® “slim” pack.

In 2012 Kleenex® launched this major packaging initiative across it’s portfolio.

These new packs made all areas of the customer and shopper experience ‘easier’.

At Tin Horse we used our holistic approach to innovating product, primary packaging and case packing that delivered benefits to all stakeholders – consumers, shopper, environment, retailer and business.

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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall