The central role played by checkweighers in packaging

The consequences of a package containing either too much, or too little of a product, can lead to a serious loss of revenue and reputational damage. Customers will not tolerate inconsistencies in their purchases. They have certain expectations based on historic buying patterns which means each product must be consistent with the description, including weights stipulated on the packaging, or customers will turn to another brand to meet their needs. One of the most effective ways to ensure consistency is by using an automated checkweighing machine.

With significant advancements in the technology over the years, the checkweigher has evolved from simply weighing goods on a production line, to become a key element in manufacturers’ quality control programmes. In fact, many food manufacturers now rely on these machines for their unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

For example, modern checkweighers are able to alert operators to inaccuracies in the filling process whilst isolating faulty packages, making it easy to correct any errors quickly and safely. In some cases this can be done automatically with feedback control. Further to this, checkweighers can now play a far greater role in improving reputation and product reliability, by adding traceability to packaging lines – a key requirement for all major supermarket brands. The vast amount of data collected is also easily accessible to users, helping them pinpoint problems when they occur and highlighting issues before they become too serious.

It is not only the technology that has called for raised standards in food safety. Trading Standards legislation has also consistently raised the bar for food safety in the workplace, calling for businesses to meet extremely stringent guidelines. checkweighers are amongst the most versatile machines on the market with many now capable of integrating features such as metal detectors, helping to prove the significance of such technology for businesses looking to improve health and safety on the production line.

At Yamato, we have two machines that have been designed to meet all of these requirements – the Yamato G-series and entry level E-Series checkweighers. Both of these have been created with ease of use, durability and consistency in mind, providing businesses with peace of mind and confidence in their packaging processes. Product lines can easily be changed over at the touch of a button, reflecting the fast moving requirements of the sector, whilst the user-friendly nature of the weighers means that they are extremely intuitive to use. Both machines are also fully compliant with trading standards legislations.

The importance of checkweighers within the industry will only become more significant as time moves on – their flexibility, speed and accuracy is too great for them not to. The technology already plays a crucial role in processing and packaging applications and provides a source of critical data, enabling manufacturers to improve production and deliver goods both consistently and accurately.