Strautmann’s Automate to Save range now available in the UK

Strautmann’s Automate to Save range now available in the UK

Compact & Bale has been appointed UK distributor for top German manufacturer Strautmann’s automated baling machinery range and will have an AutoLoadBaler on stand FG82 at the Total Processing and Packaging Exhibition. AutoLoadBaler is a unique self-loading vertical baler, with a lower cost and smaller footprint than horizontal semi-automatic balers.

Founded in 1930, Strautmann Group launched its first baling press in 1993 and is now represented in 32 countries worldwide. Their waste processing machinery is constantly evolving to revolutionise materials re-processing. Strautmann’s Automate to Save range of machinery is now available to buy, lease or hire from their appointed agent Compact & Bale Ltd and promises to offer something new and exciting to the logistics market.


Strautmann’s BaleTainer and the AutoLoadBaler have proven to be a revelation to their users and shown to be outstanding value for money. Automate to Save has been so successful that a well-known Swedish flat pack furniture company is installing the BaleTainer globally and major German supermarket chains are installing the AutoLoadBaler in every store.


The BaleTainer® is a fully automatic baling press for the compaction of cardboard, polythene film and PET-bottles. With its massive infeed system, swing plate and rotor, the BaleTainer® easily compacts cardboard pallets, furniture boxes and octabins into 500kg mill size bales that are automatically tied and ejected from the machine.


Its features include:

• A fully automatic tie baler that can be installed inside or out without additional protection. 

• Bales 1.5 tonne per hour. 

• Small footprint. 

• Large infeed aperture 1100 x 2000mm even takes cardboard pallets and opti-bins. 

• Auto feed via shredder rotor from hopper to press chamber. 

• Can be loaded by hand, off-dock, conveyor, chute or bin tipper. 

• 60 tonne compaction force generates 500kg wire tied bales. 

• Uniform mill size bales delivering 24 tonne payloads for maximum returns.

• Typically half the price of alternate large fully automatics and half the space.

• Simple operation and maintenance.


The AutoLoadBaler is one of the world’s only self-loading vertical balers. Cardboard boxes are collected in the salesroom, storeroom or production area, using special 1,000 litre bins that come with the machine. When full, each bin is pushed into the side of the baler which automatically raises the bin floor, forcing the material within up into a set of rotors that feed the material into the bale chamber where it is compacted into 500kg mill size bales.


Its features include:

• A vertical mill size baler that loads itself from the wheeled cart used to collect the cardboard from the shop floor, warehouse, etc (reduced labour costs of up to 400 hours pa per 100 tonne of cardboard baled have been recorded).

• Labour saving features including auto start, auto cycle, auto full, easy wire tie and error diagnostics.

• Integrated pre-crush means boxes do not have to be broken down.

• Auto feed via shredder rotor from hopper to press chamber.

• It can also be loaded conventionally.

• Lower cost and smaller footprint than horizontal semi-automatic balers.

• 53 tonne compaction force generating 500kg wire tied bales.

• Uniform mill size bales delivering 24 tonne payloads for maximum returns.


The Strautmann LiquiDrainer is also a part of the Strautmann Automate to Save range of machinery that has revolutionised manufacturing, bottling and distribution centres waste and recycling operations. The drained packaging is automatically compacted into briquettes or bales using a BrikPress or BaleTainer to guarantee 24t payloads and maximum rebates from your waste. The Strautmann StyroPress compacts EPS (Styropor) into briquettes with a volume reduction of up to 97 per cent. Using a unique prefill hopper it can be filled and left to run automatically for up to eight hours with no operator.


Using standard shredders and screw presses for dewatering processes is the norm in the UK market but now the Strautmann LiquiDrainer is able to transform the way bottling plants, beverage producers and food plants handle rejected or out of date products. The LiquiDrainer empties filled PET bottles, TetraPak cartons and beverage cans. As entire multi-packs of product can be automatically loaded and processed at up to 21,000 units per hour (depending on size), high-cost manual opening of waste product packs is no longer necessary.


Its features include

• Safe, simple and easy to use.

• Small footprint, lightweight and mobile.

• Robust, corrosive proof, Stainless Steel construction.

• Up to 21,500 x 250ml or 7,200 x 1.5l bottles emptied per hour.

• Large hopper accepts shrink-wrapped 6 packs with ease.

• Fully automatic integration into plants possible.

• Indoor or outdoor siting possible with integrated tanks and pumps available.

• Destruction of products.

• Integration into a baling press for profitable marketing of the packaging waste.


Established in 2000, Compact & Bale provide total waste and recycling solutions that include intelligent labour saving equipment, “Zero Landfill”, waste and recycling collections, data reporting and compliance. They have recently been approved as the UK agent for Strautmann Recycling Equipment of Germany. Their innovative approach to waste and recycling helps systemise customers’ waste management operations, reduce costs and maximise recycling revenues.


Compact & Bale offer nationwide coverage to its strong client base and has a reputation for innovative, equipment led waste and recycling solutions. They provide a wide range of expertise, products and services to clients in sectors including manufacturing, retail, distribution and recycling. With Strautmann’s intelligent, ‘automate to save’ systems, they now offer truly automated waste solutions that will bring their clients real savings.



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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall