Rubicon first in UK to adopt new Tetra Pak HeliCapTM

Rubicon first in UK to adopt new Tetra Pak HeliCapTM

Rubicon is updating its entire range of one litre fruit juice drinks by incorporating HeliCapTM, a new, innovative carton closure developed by Tetra Pak.

Rubicon is the first UK brand to take advantage of the cap, which is designed to meet consumer demand for more convenient and user friendly packaging.

HeliCapTM is currently available in the UK with the Tetra Pak Brik® Aseptic 1 litre Slim Carton. It is a one-step twist, resealable cap, with wide opening; providing obvious benefits to the consumer. The cap has also been ergonomically designed by Tetra Pak to be easy to grip, pour and store, while the clearly visible tamper evidence ring ensures food safety.

The Rubicon one litre juice drink range, which includes Rubicon’s most popular flavours such as mango, passion fruit, guava and lychee, will be available in the Tetra Brik® Aseptic  Slim Carton with the new HeliCapTM in supermarkets and convenience stores across the country from this month.

Commenting on the introduction of HeliCapTM to the Rubicon fruit juice range, Adrian Troy, Marketing Director at Rubicon Exotic, said:

“Rubicon is a company founded on innovation, and a pride in bringing new exciting products to the UK market first. This is a heritage we share with Tetra Pak, a company that is constantly innovating and improving its packaging solutions. We are delighted to announce the transition of the Rubicon range to the Tetra Pak Brik® Aseptic 1 litre Slim Carton with HeliCapTM. We think our consumers will welcome the extra convenience and storage safety it offers over more traditional closures, while enjoying the same high quality Rubicon product”.

Rob Peters, Tetra Pak Key Account Manager for Rubicon, commented on Rubicon’s decision to incorporate HelicapTM:

“UK consumers lead busy lives, and ease-of-use and food safety are their top priorities when making their packaging choices. Our industry needs to adapt to this increased need for convenient and comfortable packaging solutions. We are delighted that Rubicon, a leading brand with whom we enjoy a long-standing relationship, is the first in the UK to use HeliCapTM.”

Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall