Linpac Packaging: “Quality is crucial to good environmental packaging”

Linpac Packaging: “Quality is crucial to good environmental packaging”

The European packaging industry will be told it must not compromise on efficiency and quality design for lighter, more environmental products.


Erwan Cadoret, Business Manager, at Linpac Packaging, will speak at the Multilayer Packaging Films 2012 conference in Cologne, Germany, next month.

Mr Cadoret says that while intense retailing competition, changing social demographics and the environmental agenda are key drivers for the industry, they must not stifle innovation nor lead to the development of products which fail on functionality and are not fit-for-purpose.

Speaking ahead of the conference, he said: “In today’s market, packaging manufacturers and suppliers are under extreme pressure to produce products which tick all the boxes in terms of cost, weight, quality, efficiency and performance.

“It is essential that we respond to our customers and adapt the way we operate to meet those demands, yet it is fundamental that we do not compromise on efficiency and quality in doing so as the consequences of that are more far reaching.

“Lightweighting is happening across the industry. Perhaps the better phrase would be ‘rightweighting’ – doing more with less material. At Linpac Packaging, through significant investment, creative design and advanced engineering skills, we are now manufacturing fit-for-purpose products which are significantly lighter than previous designs.

“Innovation has enabled us to reduce the overall weight of our trays and gauge of films, in turn minimising their carbon footprint, while maintaining all the performance and functionality – i.e. that they effectively protect, preserve and present food well – of heavier, virgin materials.”

Mr Cadoret will refer to two of Linpac Packaging’s most recent innovations – the LINtop Star PE and LINtop PP lidding films ranges – at the conference.

Mr Cadoret said “The sustainable and environmental credentials of these films will appeal to food manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

“At Linpac Packaging we are innovating to produce high quality products with less material and these new films are an example of that in practice.

“The optimal use of raw materials, combined with a low gauge and high oxygen barrier to increase product shelf life, is a fantastic illustration of Linpac Packaging’s commitment to developing fresh, high quality products which are fit for purpose while minimising our environmental footprint and that of our customers.”



Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall