BoxMart BritBox is an industry winner

BoxMart BritBox is an industry winner

It’s less than a year since BoxMart introduced its BritBox and it’s already supplied companies from more than 50 different industry sectors ranging from manufacturers and brand consultants to hotels, pharmaceutical companies and retailers.

BoxMart identified a gap in the market for a UK manufactured premium gift box with the appearance of a luxury rigid box but the convenience of a flat pack. It spent over two years developing its concept and really hasn’t looked back since.

Joanne Offord, Managing Director of BoxMart, explains, “Whilst ‘fold flat’ rigid boxes provide obvious benefits such as reducing transport and storage space they are traditionally manufactured in the Far East. So we launched a British alternative that dramatically cuts lead times, reduces transport costs and considerably limits environmental impact. It also has no visible external raw edges and features a lightweight magnetic closure.

“We knew we’d developed something extra special when the first customer we presented it to asked to use the BritBox for a pan-European Christmas launch. Since then, we have added three different box sizes, in either black or white, to our stock box collection and can also offer bespoke BritBoxes. These can be tailor-made to a client’s preferred size; covered with a conventional print or textured paper finish; and feature an array of special finishes such as embossing, hot foil blocking and spot UV.”

The boxes have already been used by personal shoppers, lingerie designers and outdoor clothing manufacturers as well as companies specialising in creative design, brewing and photography to name but a few.

And most recently, BritBox has been used by new professional hair care brand, British Hair. It was looking for a UK-manufactured box that could be shipped cost effectively to its overseas distributors and be personalised with a language-specific box sash. The fact that the BritBox can be assembled so easily meant the company could rely on their distributors to build the boxes themselves and create a consistent, professional finish that could be presented to international beauty editors and leading salons worldwide.


In the past few months, BoxMart has introduced its new BritBox Bottle Boxes that are ideal for housing glass bottles be it wine & spirits, oils and vinegars or beauty products. The concept collection comprises a square, triangular and hexagonal box to house a single bottle.

The flat pack box literally wraps around the bottle for quick and easy gift wrapping at the till point. And for bottles which need a security tag, it’s possible to include a hole that exposes the bottleneck allowing staff to remove the tag easily without damaging the packaging.

For larger gift options, there’s a rectangular box that can be fitted with a bespoke insert to hold a bottle and anything from a wine glass to a candle.

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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall