WeQube smart camera: One for all

WeQube smart camera: One for all

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The new weQube product platform by wenglor offers all features of an advanced image processing sensor but its manufacturer claims it is superior to its peers in all regards. 

The pioneering image processing concept of this smart camera opens up hitherto undreamed-of possibilities and opportunities for the automation industry. Whereas many cameras provide illumination and communication interfaces as external individual components, weQube combines all components and features required for smooth image processing in a compact housing. Equipped with comprehensive communication interfaces, it perfectly adjusts to its. 

wenglor product manager Stefan Winkler said: “With weQube, wenglor laid the basis for a completely new product generation. This gives us the possibility to react to customer requirements very quickly. The current product launch is only the beginning of a new era at wenglor.”

Initially there are two software packages for the new platform, the “weQubeVision” image processing package for pure image processing and the “weQubeDecode” scan package for reading of 1D and 2D codes. 

“The software transforms weQube into a vision sensor, a 1D/2D code scanner or a smart camera – depending on what our customers need”, says Winkler. Software packages, three different light types, and communication interfaces currently provide for more than 20 different product versions.

The weQube product platform is based on the innovative wenglor MultiCore technology. This technology involves five high-performance processors coupled with a revolutionary software concept which provide for rapid image processing, for example via PROFINET – and this without any loss of time. Two different image chip versions (colour and monochrome) can solve both, colour applications and monochrome standard and high-speed applications. The already established Teach+ function allows for easy remote maintenance and checking of the system. The autofocus and 3D tracking features allow for reliable detection of objects independent of their position. The combination of optics and powerful LED illumination in the housing prevents loss of brightness and provides balanced and optimal illumination for poorly illuminated marginal areas. Besides red light or white.


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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall