Varied opportunities with Web Offset

Varied opportunities with Web Offset

An open house event will be held on 6 and 7 May in Maulburg (Germany) to inaugurate the new Print Technology Center and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Muller Martini Printing Presses GmbH. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the high-performance Concepta printing press and the infinitely variable VSOP in action, as well as listen to exciting specialist talks and exchange experiences with print specialists.

The company, which was originally intended by company founder Hans Müller to be just a subsidiary that would take the pressure off Muller Martini’s core manufacturing activities, soon developed as an independent business segment and experienced a success story all of its own thanks to its narrow web printing presses with countless different equipment versions for the business forms printing market.

Today, Muller Martini Printing Presses GmbH with its web printing presses is a strong partner for the paper market (pharmaceutical inserts, security printing, mail shots, forms), as well as cardboard box printing, label printing on a wide range of substrates, and flexible package printing.

Concepta and VSOP for Flexibility

Muller Martini currently offers four printing press types: the Alprinta and the Concepta produce high-quality mail shots, commercial work, security printing materials and pharmaceutical inserts, while the Alprinta V and the infinitely variable VSOP are ideal for printing labels, flexible packaging and cardboard.

Live demos at the open house event will allow visitors to see for themselves that the Concepta’s intelligent software provides for short setup times and little production waste. The infinitely variable VSOP will be used to demonstrate how quick changeovers to new sizes can be. That is especially important in flexible package printing, because runs are decreasing in size owing to the rapidly growing variety of end products.

Muller Martini will present the wide-ranging possibilities that web offset offers at the open house event. Web offset enables diverse inline procedures, such as offset towers, flexo and rotogravure printing units, screen printing unit, perforation with die-cutting and punching, delivery for roll, signature and fold, cross cutting and folding modules, register control, video belt monitoring, and UV drying. Muller Martini combines all these processes in one machine providing high production speeds and perfect printing quality.

Fit for the Future with Web Offset

“Printing presses from Muller Martini stand for first-class printing quality, and have a particularly high degree of availability thanks to simple changeovers,” says Bernd Sauter, Managing Director of Muller Martini Printing Presses GmbH. “Our print specialists will demonstrate that at our open house event, and will be delighted to provide advice and engage in discussions with visitors.”

Thanks to its modular design, printing plants can configure a web printing press from Muller Martini to suit their needs optimally and extend it in the future in order to enter new business segments. “Variable web offset, in particular, opens up many new perspectives,” says Sauter.

From Pre-Press to Finished Product

In addition to the live demos, visitors can listen to exciting specialist talks and engage in discussions about offset printing as an interesting and profitable technology (especially in the packaging segment), variable sleeve offset printing, composite materials in offset printing, as well as commercial printing, security printing and pharmaceutical printing in general, where nothing is more important than 100% reliability.

An in-house trade fair with table top presentations of over 20 exhibiting partner companies from the fields of pre-press, automation, drying, printing control and quality systems, finishing, and substrates and consumables will top off the two-day open house event.

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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall