Unique solutions for E-commerce and warehouse industries

Unique solutions for E-commerce and warehouse industries

BoxSizer launches unique solutions for E-commerce fulfilment and warehouse industries

8112518953 Boxsizer1Boxsizer’s new multi award winning intelligent Random Box sizer is specifically designed to reduce needless void fill packaging by automatically reducing the size of the box to match the contents. It does this by visually inspecting the space between the contents already loaded and the top of the box and cut the edges down to fit.  The extended sides of the box are then scored and folded to create the lid and an integrated automatic tape dispenser seals the box for shipping. This results in much greater pallet/shipping efficiency – depending upon the application shipping volumes can be reduced by up to 80%.

Why send five pallets when you could send one?

Boxsizer’s new intelligent Random Bag Sizer has been specifically designed to add security and environmental protection to random size packages. This machine can pay for itself within four months by discouraging theft and protecting  goods such as televisions and other expensive items from the elements if the courier leaves the parcel in a “less than ideal” place.

It works by measuring the item to be wrapped and automatically creating a heat sealed opaque bag to fit.

The Cousins Switch A Arm fully automated pallet wrapper requires no intervention to wrap up to forty pallets per hour. The fork lift driver places the full pallet on the turntable and presses a simple button in his cab that’s it – pallet wrapped in less than two minutes!

For further information please telephone 01183 341 725, email chris.stevens@boxsizer.com or visit www.boxsizer.com 

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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall