Unique glass designs

Unique glass designs

Charlotte Taylor says bespoke glass designs can help products stand out on a busy supermarket shelf…


There’s a bewildering array of packaging designs competing for the attention of shoppers on the supermarket shelves, and manufacturers are having to work increasingly hard to ensure their products stand out from the crowd. Commissioning bespoke designs for bottles and jars is one way in which manufacturers can reinforce their brand identity and help consumers to recognise their products on the supermarket shelf.

Some products are instantly identifiable from the shape of their container – think of the iconic shape and colour of the Marmite jar, for example – and a good, unique design can really help a product to catch the eye of consumers.

At Beatson Clark we have an in-house design studio that works with our customers from concept to production, much as an external design agency would. Our innovative team is continually developing new designs and fresh ideas to help manufacturers to create a visual differentiation for their products.

Many brands which previously used a number of different designs in their ranges are now consolidating down to one or two designs or sizes, and they’re often looking to replace multiple containers with one bespoke product. Not only can a unique and well researched design make the product more recognisable, it also makes the whole packaging process more efficient as the same caps, labels and filling lines can be used.

One of the big success stories in food and beverage in recent years has been the growth of artisan food producers and independent craft breweries. These niche producers are all looking for packaging which says something about the quality and integrity of their brand, but they also want their products to stand out from the crowd. At Beatson Clark we have created bespoke bottles and jars for a number of high-end, independent food brands including Atkins and Potts, Cottage Delight and Mrs Darlington as well as beer bottles for Robinson’s Old Tom, Meantime and Brooklyn Brewery.

If budgets are tight or production volumes are too low to justify a completely new design, an alternative solution is embossing onto a standard design. This has been a very popular option recently. Clients looking for a unique container who don’t want to invest in a new set of moulds can customise a standard container by having their name or logo embossed onto the finish moulds. This is more cost-effective than a fully bespoke design and allows for smaller production volumes.

Bespoke finish moulds are also a great way of producing bottles for special promotions, collectors’ items or limited editions. Last year’s Share a Coke campaign, which encouraged consumers to buy a bottle of Coca-Cola with their or their friend’s name on the label, was a huge success, and one which could be replicated in glass using embossed finish moulds.

As competition in these sectors grows, catching the eye of consumers is becoming increasingly important; high-quality bespoke glass designs will also be a great way to achieve this.

Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall