Trend led innovations showcased

Trend led innovations showcased

150904 Trend ledThe Trend-Led Packaging Innovations Conference takes place on December 3rd in London. 

For one day only, the event will be welcoming senior-level packaging and innovations professionals including; Haulwen Nicholas, Head of Packaging UK & Ireland at Müller, Leo Bianchi, Head of Packaging, Burton’s Biscuit Company Kevin Vyse, Packaging & Innovation Manager, Marks & Spencer  to the stage. They’ll be discussing the hottest industry topics including: 

Unlock Consumer Trends & Behaviours For Stand-Out Design: What’s next? Get ahead of the curve and design packaging concepts based on consumer behaviours, needs and habits

Harnessing New Material Innovations & Concepts: Break the mould – what’s driving innovation, reducing usage, appealing to consumers and driving down costs?

Stand Out With Exciting, Attention-Grabbing Branding: Improve visibility and stand out on the shelf and add the WOW factor to your brand

Cutting-Edge Packaging Technologies: Have you missed a trick? The concepts, trends and innovations which everyone will be looking to adopt, harness and scale up

Functional, Robust Packaging Structures & Concepts: Developing fit-for-purpose, ergonomic and functional packaging designs which unlock new usage opportunities and showcase products and brands

Developing Shelf-Ready, Next-Level NPD: Packaging design which enables quicker, more commercially-successful new product development and launches from market trends, concepts and innovations

Encouraging Sustainability & Recyclability: How can we introduce more sustainable elements into our packaging, reduce waste and encourage consumers to recycle?

International Market Sourcing, Innovations & Concepts: What works where and how can we source it? The styles, formats, designs and supply chains from across the globe creating commercial success 

Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall