For a touch of elegance and luxury

For a touch of elegance and luxury

Primera Technology Europe has announced its new FX500e Foil Imprinting System that adds brilliant metallic highlights to inkjet-printed labels.
It’s the perfect accessory to Primera’s LX-Series Color Label Printers and other inkjet-based label printers.
As the imprinting process is digital, virtually any design elements can be added to the label including borders, fonts, graphics and backgrounds. Metallic foils enhance product labels, because a message of luxury and elegance is conveyed that emphasises the quality and value of each product.
Metallic foils in gold, silver, blue and red are available as well as various spot colours and clear foil. When printed onto inkjet-printed labels, clear foil not only adds a professional, glossy finish but also makes labels virtually waterproof and UV resistant, allowing longer exposure to natural and artificial light sources. Additionally, the clear film adds a high degree of resistance to chemicals, cleaning solutions and other harsh environmental factors.
Fast print speeds and a low purchasing price allow users to quickly and cost-efficient produce shiny labels on-demand in the amount that is actually needed. FX500e costs less than the foil imprinter it replaced, which was called FX400e.
The MSRP of Primera’s FX500e is € 499 while the FX400e was priced at € 599.
Additional features include:

• 300m ribbon capacity
• Easy media and ribbon loading with an improved guiding mechanism to secure the label path
• Optimised printing results
• Reduced printing noise
• Easy and hassle-free maintenance

Primera Europe continues to offer 24 months warranty (the standard 12 months plus additional 12 months for free upon product registration on its website) for
all European units.

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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall