The Pentawards

The Pentawards

Recognising quality packaging design worldwide.


Main Pentawards


A truly global competition, the Pentawards open every year in a world-class city. After Monaco, Brussels, Shanghai, New York, Paris and Barcelona, this year was Tokyo’s turn.

The winners came onstage to receive their gold, silver and bronze awards. 
5 winners received the Platinum Pentaward crowning the best of all 5 major categories and of course as a highlight, the prestigious and unique Diamond Pentaward was presented this year to Danone for evian The Drop mini bottles, designed by Grand Angle Design (France).

Agency of the Year 2014


Springette main

From left to right: Paul Wiliams, creative director at Springetts, Gérard Caron, president of the Pentawards jury and Kevin Daly, designer at Springetts.

A special prize (the President of the Jury Prize) was awarded to the Springetts agency (United Kingdom) for its creativity both in its creations for its customers and its conceptual creations filled with inventiveness, culture and humour.

Springetts is a London based brand design agency with over 35 years’ experience of creating and developing brands from the small and local to the large and global. They believe the key to being a successful brand is to be loved and that no brand owner should settle for being liked; so they always strive to stimulate an emotional response from consumers in the strategies they develop and the designs they create.

The agency works hand in hand with their clients to pinpoint sharp consumer insights and uncover the truths about their brands. This gives the designers the fertile territory to generate the powerful creative ideas brands need to build an emotional relationship with their audiences. There are 50 bright, friendly people at Salisbury Place in Marylebone where they’ve been since the start; passionate about the brands they’re working on, and eager for more.

A Special Pentaward for the Brand Milka


Milka main

Every year for the last 4 years, the founders of Pentawards, Jean Jacques and Brigitte Evrard, reward a big brand with a Special Pentaward. After Coca-Cola in 2011, Veuve Clicquot in 2012, Absolut Vodka in 2013, the founders’ Pentaward goes to the Milka brand this year.

Few brands, particularly in the world of consumer goods and food products, can boast of having been able, over the years, to maintain their authenticity, retain their “DNA” while being creative and in spite of the many people who have been responsible for their graphical evolution. Milka is part of this exclusive club. Originally registered in 1901, the well-rounded Milka graphics date back to 1908 and have remained the same. From gold, they switched to white to better express milk.

The purple colour has softened and in the early 70’s the famous cow was dressed in purple and white. Today these three elements: graphics – colour – cow are used together or separately on numerous platforms (packaging, advertising, promotional items and sponsoring) always in a constant and creative way, all around the world. Since the brand became part of the large American group Mondelez, Milka has been seen in association with other brands such as Oreo, Tuc, Lu, Philadelphia, … and a host of attractive objects with purple and white branding. For these reasons, the Pentawards Special Prize goes to Milka this year.

HaHaHa… Special Prize



On the initiative of Lars Wallentin (who was a Pentawards jury member) a special Gold Pentaward was awarded to the most FUN creation across all categories. The cartons of JUST LAID eggs, which were created by the British agency Springetts, won this award. Clever and witty, typically British humour.

To highlight the idea of sustainability of this staple food, the freshness is stressed by the image of the egg laid “live”. The three images of hens laying eggs correspond to the three sizes of eggs available. The use of a standard box brings the idea of freshness; the clasp represents an egg so that the natural process of egg-laying is more clearly illustrated.
In addition of their Pentaward Gold Trophy, Paul Wiliams and Kevin Daly (Springetts) received a unique and funny design signed Lars Wallentin.


Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall