STO bottles shortlisted in three renowned Packaging Awards

STO bottles shortlisted in three renowned Packaging Awards

150912 StoIn 2014 David Beckham famously entered the world of whisky through his endorsement of Haig Club, a marvellous Single Grain Scotch Whisky. It was an honour for Stölzle to be involved in this unique and challenging decanter design. Recently, the stunning decanter gained further international recognition having been shortlisted both in the German Packaging Awards and the UK Luxury Packaging Awards in the category Drinks. The

jury’s decision was predominantly based on the technically perfect glass quality. As is known within the glass industry blowing this kind of deep blue glass in fully automatic production is challenging but a beautiful homogenous finish was achieved.

The judges of the UK Luxury Packaging Awards were also impressed by KENZO’s perfume bottle J’eu d’amour. It was the non-symmetrical design together with a gradient spray decoration which resulted in a nomination of this outstanding perfume bottle in the category Perfume Pack.

Two other bottles manufactured by Stölzle have been recognised for the 2015 UK Starpack Industry Awards. The heavy weight decanter for Aultmore Whisky by Bacardi has been shortlisted in the

category Primary Packaging Commodity Alcohol. Stölzle achieved the objective to take this product into the Premium sector through simplicity of design and the excellent manufacturing quality. The brilliant white flint glass and the superb lines of the design enhance the golden colour of the Whisky, resembling a golden barrel.

Shortlisted for Best branded Pack is the elegant bottle for Acqua di Giò from Armani. The bottle shape retained its traditional design. However the appeal of the fragrance was enhanced by the inclusion of the image of Skorpios, the stunning Armani Island. This was achieved through the new digital printing process which uses all the available decoration surface, allowing the design to be printed right around the container.

Each of the bottles involved complex production requirements. Having these four items shortlisted is a recognition of the glassmaking skills of both the West Yorkshire Stölzle Flaconnage glass factory and the Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie glassworks and decoration facility.

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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall