Speedy colour management solution

Speedy colour management solution

Label Apeel is an award-winning, family-run printer offering flexo, digital print and design of self-adhesive labels.
The company is based in Leicester and also has an office in Scotland, employing approximately 50 label experts with a turnover of almost £5 million.
Label Apeel has an unrivalled reputation within the FMCG, retail and beers, wines and spirits sectors for producing work of an exceptionally high quality, and prides itself on having developed a reputation for creating labelling solutions that, by continually exploring new processes and ideas through innovation and research and development – are both technically and visually excellent. An example is Rapeseed Oil producer Mackintosh of Glendaveny where tests were conducted on their bottling line with a selection of materials to maximise speeds and deliver the right solution. A recent project with the Isle of Skye Candle Company saw Label Apeel develop new processes and techniques to assist their expansion into the American market. The approach has seen Label Apeel garner numerous awards including Label Printer of the Year at the Print Week Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Dave Posnett is Label Apeel’s Operations Manager and is responsible for the artwork department and file preparation for the company’s flexo and digital printing presses. Accurate colour reproduction, he says, is one of the company’s most important services; “Correct colour is of paramount importance to the company, from the HP Indigo to the Flexographic presses, we are continually investigating further improvements in this field.” Before adopting GMG technology, Dave said the colour management process was time consuming. He said: “Our old software did give a calibrated proof, but it was a time consuming process, using an iOne spectro and manually reading Fogra strips and printing out reports. We finally decided to standardize our data using FOGRA51.”
In the past few years, some ISO standards have been changed to better reflect today’s working practices in the printing industry, especially when it comes to the handling of optically brightened paper: Colour Viewing (ISO 3664:2009), Colour Measurement (ISO 13655:2009) and Offset Printing (ISO 12647-2:2013) are the most important ones.

Consequently, characterization datasets have been worked out to consider all those ISO-changes and improve the tools for the printing industry, the first datasets released being FOGRA51 (for wood free, coated substrates) and FOGRA52 (for wood free, uncoated substrates).
Label Apeel now uses GMG Colourproof 5.9 software with GMG ProofControl inline to an Epson SureColour 5000 with 11 colours. With the new output intent for FOGRA51 already stored within GMG ColourProof the change over has been straightforward and effective. Dave said: “The software fitted into our workflow easily, and with its use of hot folders, automatic in-line calibration of the proofing device and automatic reports, you don’t need colour management experience to use it.”
Label Apeel is now FOGRA certified. Dave said the ultimate goal is to have the presses printing to the same standard, helping with quicker colour matching on the press.


Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall