Seamlessly intelligent luxury from Arjowiggins

Seamlessly intelligent luxury from Arjowiggins

141107 79233 Arjowiggins PowerCoat AliveArjowiggins Creative Papers is renowned for producing innovative papers that inspire art directors and designers to create love-at-first-sight brand communications and packaging with ‘keep-me’ desirability. Its recyclable PowerCoat® paper for printed electronics is the latest innovation and prompts further customer relationships

Arjowiggins Creative Papers has created a new platform that combines PowerCoat® interactive technology with any paper from its collection of fine papers. The ‘Alive’ versions of papers like Conqueror, Curious, Pop’Set and Rives come ready-laminated with PowerCoat, making connectivity with creativity that much easier.

While the characteristics that define a luxury product remain constant, the communications landscape that links luxury brands to customers has changed radically with personal and tailored, cross-platform communications, building engaging relationships and stronger loyalties. 

141107 79233 Arjowiggins PowerCoat Box

PowerCoat® is a remarkable paper for printed electronics that facilitates innovative customer engagements and interactions that are memorable, distinctive, personal and sustainable. 

PowerCoat® is the ideal paper for embedding interactive printed circuitry. Seductively personal experiences, language specific content and exclusive offers are just some of the possibilities. Even the ways you can activate the paper are experiential: from simply scanning with an NFC enabled mobile device to squeezing or pressing to trigger content. By using PowerCoat® as an embedded substrate, the designer is left with carte-blanche to use the whole packaging surface to communicate the brand.

Authenticity and luxury go hand in hand. So how do you reassure customers they are buying the genuine article? A paper-thin layer of ‘invisible’ embedded PowerCoat® is invisible on the pack surface, but places in the hands of consumers and brand owners a hidden weapon to combat counterfeiting.

141107 79233 Arjowiggins  PowerCoatAs well as an ‘Alive’ laminate, PowerCoat® is available in stand- alone weights and finishes that can be adapted to the end application: XD for high volume  and HD for more complex applications. Like ordinary paper, it can be folded, cut, shaped, torn and even burned to create a desired effect or arresting interaction, the perfect foil for the graphic designer’s imagination. Once a guest has used the PowerCoat® link to access information, Marketing can generate enhanced and personalised customer responses. 

Until now, connective technology has resulted in the increasing use of environmentally damaging PET plastics. Like all papers from Arjowiggins Creative Papers, PowerCoat® is FSC certified, biodegradable and 100 per cent recyclable, with a unique cellulosic formulation and patented coating process that enhances these green credentials. The smoothness of PowerCoat® can reduce by as much as 10 times the amount of ink used in printing, including expensive silver inks for printed circuitry. n

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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall