PrintSafe Sleeve and Carton Coding and Labelling Machinery

PrintSafe Sleeve and Carton Coding and Labelling Machinery

PrintSafe is a coding and marking specialist serving manufacturing companies throughout the UK and Ireland with a comprehensive range of coding and marking equipment.

PrintSafe is known for its offline coding and labelling systems for sleeves, cartons and other retail packaging. The company has helped hundreds of customers cut the cost of handling products and packaging that cannot be coded or labelled within main production.
The udaFORMAXX Standalone Coding System removes the need for hand coding or labelling

Look in the print room of some of the UK’s largest food producers and you will find an offline coding system from PrintSafe. These compact machines quietly handle awkward printing and labelling jobs that otherwise hold up production. With speeds of up to 600 per minute, the system easily and quickly prints date and batch numbers on high volumes of sleeves, cartons, crash lock boxes or pouches.
For smaller companies, launching into the major retailers, an offline coding system is an affordable alternative that offers big savings over hand coding or stickering.

The udaFORMAXX can be used for coding and labelling packaging in its flat form ready for production. The operator loads sleeves or cartons into the in-feed stack from which it is automatically fed past an integrated printer and/or labeller. The operator can then collect the coded packs from the outfeed. The system can also be fitted with a shingling (accumulator) conveyor to make it even easier for operators to code large volumes very quickly.
One machine can be used to code multiple product lines. Easy adjustments change the in-feed and outfeed from different packaging sizes. Messages can be changed very quickly on the integrated coder.
Your choice of printer of label applicator


The udaFORMAXX can be fitted with a range of different printers and label applicators. It is most commonly used with continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet or thermal transfer printers. udaFORMAXX with continuous inkjet offers the highest speed coding for porous and non-porous substrates. It is ideal for printing simple dates and batch numbers udaFORMAXX with thermal inkjet is the ideal system for printing 2D data matrix codes on cartons. This option offers high-resolution print with a low total cost of ownership. udaFORMAXX with thermal transfer printers is ideal when print orientation precludes inkjet or where you need to print a large amount of information (e.g. ingredients, late customisation) at high resolution. Thermal transfer is also recommended for printing bar codes. udaFORMAXX with label applicator is used for applying promotional or flash labels to sleeves or cartons that cannot be labelled within the main line. This is useful for short runs and time limited promotions.

To cater for the needs of different customers, different products and different budgets, PrintSafe offers a number of purchasing and hire options for its offline coding systems.

PrintSafe looks after customers throughout the UK and Ireland with a team of support engineers providing installation, commissioning, training and servicing. A free telephone help desk is available to all customers. PrintSafe also offers regular free health checks and comprehensive preventative maintenance agreements. A complete range of parts and consumables is available from the after sales department.

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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall