PowerCoat Paper delivers interactive packaging

PowerCoat Paper delivers interactive packaging

PowerCoat® paper is a remarkable patented technology from Arjowiggins Creative Papers that turns paper into a powerful, flexible substrate for printed electronics. With this multiple award winning product, printed paper has the potential to revolutionize intelligent packaging, making embedded technology cost effective as well as seamless in terms of design and environmentally sustainable.


Paper replaces plastic-based intelligence

PowerCoat® puts printed intelligence into paper products making it possible for packaging to connect, interact or ‘talk’ to the end user, whatever the sector and at every point in the supply chain. At the same time, it gives the kind of creative freedom that designers demand. Not only can you print circuitry on PowerCoat®, you can also use it with Inkjet, Flexo, Gravure, Screen Printing and Laser Ablation processes so that branding and graphics dovetail seamlessly with intelligence.


Significantly, PowerCoat® eliminates the need to incorporate harmful PET plastics. This cellulosic-based product does the same job but is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. For the packaging industry this translates into interactivity and design excellence delivered in a sustainable and biodegradable form. 



From Blue Sky Thinking to reality

For some time, R&D has been exploring how packages might interact with consumers and consumables. Visionary blue-sky thinkers have been exploring how they might automatically convey instructions, communicate ingredient information and signal when a product’s time is up, simply through the packaging. PowerCoat® used as an integral packaging element is an environmentally friendly way to make this happen: for packaging to communicate with consumers or new wave appliances in the fmcg arena, to deliver consumer/brand information and experiences in consumer packaging, make informative packaging for pharmaceuticals or track stock and product movement for logistics. 


Simply Paper

Surprisingly, making paper intelligent doesn’t make it any more complicated to use. Printing electronic circuitry onto PowerCoat® paper is like any other printing process, applying conductive silver inks using standard printing techniques such as gravure, inkjet and screen printing, as well as high-resolution techniques such as laser lithography. And there’s the added possibility of combining PowerCoat with electroluminescent surfaces, LED lighting systems or even thermochromic elements, creativity, interactivity and technology converge to create innovative packaging platforms.


PowerCoat for FMCG

Until now, volume labeling and mass market ticketing, where embedded technology is playing a significant role in the management and monitoring of goods in transit and in-store, has relied on expensive embedded plastic RDIF technology or less sophisticated Bar codes. These carry limited information and require time consuming scanning at each stage of the consumer transaction. PowerCoat® makes it possible to apply useful and communicable information as an affordable part of the printing process, working seamlessly with the creative concept. 


While printability and sustainability are non negotiable, Arjowiggins Creative Papers recognized that not every potential application requires the highest definition and, like conventional printing, has use for different weights of paper.


For high volume markets that require embedded intelligence but something cost effective and disposable, the PowerCoat® XD range is the perfect partner. For labeling and mass ticketing, for example, PowerCoat® XD offers exciting possibilities for connectivity and communication in a form geared to high volume markets. 


Enhanced luxury 

Using PowerCoat® designers can create intelligent luxury packaging and related branded communications using one coherent design language. Two weights of PowerCoat® HD respond to designers’ need for a premium paper and provide the perfect base for circuitry and graphics. 


Reassuringly, this ground-breaking alternative to PET retains all the vital virtues in terms of HD printability: an ultra smooth surface made for inkjet and vacuum deposited techniques, superb print quality, 100% recyclability, low consumption of expensive inks, high sintering and high thermal stability, and roll and sheet formats. 


Packaging the future

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad many wondered what on earth we would use it for. He handed us a blank sheet onto which every owner since has invested a uniquely personal vision, downloading over three billion extraordinary apps in the process. PowerCoat® is Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ blank sheet product – we have already identified a thousand and one uses, but out there is the potential for thousands more. The printing, packaging and design industries are at the heart of this revolution and their combined talents promise to create a very exciting packaging future, now.


For further information please visit  https://www.hightail.com/download/ZUcyRm8vcGtTSUFLSk5Vag or http://vimeo.com/96693079


Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall