Pooling Partners brand launched

Pooling Partners brand launched


PR FABERIPP Logipal, which provides pallet and box rental to fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) supply chains and to industrial sectors across Europe and the UK, featured in our ‘Best of 2014 Review’ for the launch of the Pooling Partners brand by parent Faber Halbertsma Group.

All parts of the group, including IPP Logipal, were brought under the single global new brand Pooling Partners and adopted the new ’PP’ logo.

IPP Logipal’s country director in the UK & Ireland, Carl McInerney, said: “Pooling Partners, as the new brand for the Faber Halbertsma Group, perfectly encapsulates the activities of the group from designing and producing reusable and recyclable items to extensively pooling pallets and boxes across Europe. It will help us to convey the scale of our operations and the value that we can add to customers who want to benefit from pooling. The new brand identity sees a change in colour too. Gone is the traditional orange, replaced by a modern green to reflect our sustainability credentials.”

He said that whilst the new brand reflected the sustainability of pooling it retained day-to-day values; quality, simplicity, service, flexibility and value.

Pooling Partners also operates in the demanding chemical and polymer sectors providing an efficient and effective industry-wide pallet pool across Europe and Turkey offering tangible benefits for many users of CP pallets. It has developed over almost 20 years by reducing waste and strongly growing packaging re-use.

Pooling Partners is the market leader in pool management of exchangeable and standardised load carriers. By offering Europe-wide solutions to companies in logistics, industry and commerce it perfects the handling of Euro Pallets, mesh boxes and Dusseldorfer pallets, together with some special load carriers such as E-boxes and H1-pallets. Customers pick up pallets from Pooling Partners wherever they are loading and return pallets wherever and whenever they want – all via a network of 10,000 pooling stations all over Europe.

Pooling Partners also owns one of Europe’s largest pallet production operations delivering 20 million pallets to customers each year. Wooden pallets are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sourced wood, working to PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) accreditation standards.
For further information please telephone 0344-699065, email p.cox@poolingpartners.com or visit www.poolingpartners.com 

Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall