Marden Edwards Overwrapping Machinery

Marden Edwards Overwrapping Machinery

Product packaging appears in many different shapes and sizes, dependant on industry demands. How the product is marketed, through its packaging, is integral in ensuring a product stands out from its competitors.

Cellophane and paper overwrapping is a versatile and well trusted form of packaging that improves product presentation, for added shelf appeal, gives the customer a sense of security, knowing the product has not been tampered with, preserves product freshness and enhances shelf life. Overwrapping provides a solution for secure efficient distribution of products by collating, stacking and wrapping where required.

Marden Edwards Limited, established 1961, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of overwrapping and packaging machines equipment, supplying thousands of wrapping systems, via a support team of nearly 200 employees, into over 150 countries worldwide.

The low energy and low raw material cost requirements for overwrapping have always ensured cost savings when compared to other forms of wrapping. When used for collating, the cost of overwrapping is less expensive than carton board based solutions and by using bio-degradable films, just as easy to recycle. This combination of high product appeal, versatility and cost saving has meant that overwrapping is applicable across a wide range of industries for many product types including:

Tea & Coffee – Wrapping coffee bricks, tea cartons containing tea bags, loose tea and herbal tea

Pharmaceutical – Collations of cartons of blister packs and individual cartons

Media – Individual Audio CD’s and collations, DVD & Blue Ray cases and computer software boxes

Tobacco – Single cartons, collating and bundling into clear/naked wrap formats, duty free/travel retails bundling, cigar tins and boxes and RYO/MYO pouch collating and wrapping

Confectionery – A range of confectionery wrapping machines for the packaging of speciality sweet are available for the wrapping of Individual cartons & trays of chocolate in paper or cellophane.

Cosmetics & Perfume – Dot sealing on cosmetic cartons

Food – Collating and wrapping food multipacks (For retail purposes) and loose tray

Paper – Wrapping reams of paper

Marden Edwards Packaging Machine Capabilities

The Marden Edwards overwrapping machines can changeover from running one size to running the next in under 30 minutes, the Marden Edwards servo motor actuated machines can change size in less than 5 minutes.

The position of the lateral seal of the overwrap is extremely important. It is sometimes required that the lateral seal appears on the trailing edge of the carton. Marden Edwards have a range of machines dedicated to this style of presentation and others where the seal is positioned on the base of the product. How far from the edge of the pack the seal is placed is also of importance and this can be adjusted on our packaging machinery equipment.

The Marden Edwards overwrappers can wrap just as easily with a wide variety of heat sealable films and papers. Polypropylene is the most popular wrapping material but Paper, PVC, Polyethylene and the new corn starch based biodegradable films run equally as well.

Marden Edwards are aware that every production line is different; every machine can be designed to run either left or right handed and to be fed from either side, or the front. Site engineering standards are taken most seriously and a wide range of control systems can be selected.

Stretchbanders and Sleevewrappers

An alternative to collating products with an overwrapping machine is to use a stretchbander machine. This system wraps products using low cost polyethylene film and utilises two reels of film to form a web through which the product passes.

Typically, the ends of the wrap are left open, however fully enclosed or folded presentations can be achieved. One advantage of this is that less tooling is required when the product size changes and size changeovers take 5 minutes or less.

After the product has been collated it is positively transferred through the film web. The film is stretched tight around the product and is then heat sealed. The resultant band is strong enough to hold the collation together and enables a dramatic reduction in the use of packaging material if the collation is being formed solely for transit purposes.

Alternatively a sleevewrapper provides a more effective solution if wrapping for transit purposes is required. One reel of film is mounted at a high level and the other is mounted at a low level. The two reels are joined by the sealing head, forming a curtain of film through which the product is pushed.

The product is manually pushed through the curtain of film, enveloping the product. The sealing jaw is then brought down by hand, cutting and sealing the film producing a loose sleeve of film around the product. The tunnel then heat shrinks the film around the product leaving two open ends at the sides. The width of the film used compared to the width of the product, determines how much of an open end is created.

Shelf ready packaging

This expertise goes way beyond the simple provision of conveying systems, though this is an important part of the product handling equation. Pack convergence systems, pack diverters, waterwheel re-orientation devices, 90 degree product turners, side band in-feed conveyor, square motion paddle infeed conveyors, pack stand up systems and fifth panel collators all form modules which provide a myriad of pack handling combinations.

For shelf-ready packaging, Marden Edwards have developed a number of principles which result in packs being collated, loaded into either plastic or cardboard trays, and then overwrapped. Every shelf-ready system and pack handling system is built to provide maximum versatility by allowing the system to operate without the tray, and to solely utilise Overwrapping to protect the product.

The Marden Edwards design team is frequently required to design new custom overwrapping machines to wrap pack sizes that fall outside the parameters of existing packaging machinery. The increasing demand for retail multipacks is driving custom packaging machinery design in both the Tobacco and Food industries to enable the overwrapping of a wide product range of large packs in both film and uncoated paper.

A complete range of overwrapping and packaging equipment, ranging from low cost entry level systems to bespoke high speed fully integrated turnkey solutions, are available. Marden Edwards also manufacture and supply shrink wrapping machines, via its trading division Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap.

Marden Edwards provide a comprehensive global support team of engineers providing machinery commissioning, training and service. All backed up by after sales parts department utilising the £1 million parts stock holding and providing new product part tooling for all existing machinery.


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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall