Kliklok showcases cartoning equipment

Kliklok showcases cartoning equipment

With a history of technical expertise spanning almost 70 years, Kliklok knows that when it comes to packaging machinery, food producers expect high performance, continued reliability and a cost-effective investment.

Customer research carried out by Kliklok indicated a need for high speed cartoning equipment that not only fulfills requirements in terms of output, but also offers the cost-saving benefits of reduced down-time, minimal maintenance, and quick size change from one product to another.

With this in mind, Kliklok developed two different packaging machines, the Certiwrap C150 for wraparound cartoning, and the CELOX for end load cartoning. Since the launch of these models, the company is proud to list successful installations for global companies like Heinz, Kraft, Nestlé, Findus & Unilever.

So, at the Interpack exhibition in Dusseldorf, 8th to 14th May, Kliklok will be in Hall 6, stand D27, exhibiting the latest versions of these two innovative machines, with improved operator interface and HMI capabilities and now with a choice of modular infeed options.


The wraparound packaging method, increasingly favoured by chilled prepared food manufacturers, needs to deal with products of varying shapes, sizes, and characteristics, and different carton styles.

Kliklok’s C150 cartoner has brought a solution to these requirements. This machine boasts a unique carton control mechanism which tightly wraps the sleeve around the product.

The C150’s infeed system can be customised to suit a wide range of products, ideal for the ready meal market, where product shape is a differentiator. Taking this into account, the C150 can successfully handle a wide range of economically shaped sleeves, from ‘watchstrap’ style to full wrap, with the added ability to incorporate features such as product retention, tamper evidence and ‘upright’ shelf-ready display. At Interpack, the C150 will be running twin packs of dessert pots at up to 150 wraps per minute using a ‘scroll’ infeed module. This particular machine will have a Siemens control package and HMI.


For products like cereals, frozen prepared foods & confectionery, Kliklok will be showcasing their award-winning Celox end load cartoner. With ergonomic design, robust stainless steel construction and top speed of 300 cartons per minute, this innovative machine achieves new levels of performance in terms of efficiency, access, sanitation, size change, and reliability.

Celox boasts servo motion control, modular construction & Kliklok’s patented ‘programmable profile’ rotary carton feeder. These features provide the flexibility to adapt rapidly to changing production needs – offering quick, repeatable size changes and adjustments, an essential benefit in a fast moving food production environment.

Celox provides the reassurance of continual production efficiency with minimal down-time, reduced maintenance and low running costs. At Interpack, the Celox will be running dummy pizzas into end load cartons, and will feature an Allen Bradley/Rockwell control package & HMI. We will be demonstrating the benefits of this operator-friendly, multi-language touch screen, with excellent diagnostic capability & remote data monitoring system.

Also on the Kliklok stand will be the Woodman Apache continuous-motion bagmaker and the Kliklok Transformer lock & glue carton erector.

For further information please telephone 01275 836131, email m.newman@kliklok-int.com or visit www.kliklok-int.com


Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall