Designers’ exhibits reveal recycled material capabilities

Designers’ exhibits reveal  recycled material capabilities

ECO-oh!, an organisation which strives to make sustainable products out of waste materials, collaborated with four Dutch designers, to present its work and showcase some of its compilations at Dutch Design Week.
The New Normal: Let’s Recycle For Life exhibition at the Ketelhuisplein featured work by Dutch designers Basten Leijh, LINT landscape architecture, Simone Post and Studio Thier&vanDaalen, and highlighted the possibilities that can be created from household plastics recycling.
ECO-oh! works to improve solutions for recycling yoghurt pots, butter dishes and other small plastic items and making people aware that mixed plastics can also be used as raw materials. “As designers, we see the task and challenge to use good and sustainable materials,” said a Studio Thier&vanDaalen spokesman.

Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall