Crown wins highly commended

Crown wins highly commended

Ease of opening and convenience have always been key drivers in the market.

Crown has developed a solution called EasyLid™ that is easily removed by hand, with no need for tools. This solution is already available in Finland.

Openability and convenience

With Easylid™, consumers simply place their palms in the middle of the lid, grip the lip of the plastic ring and pull.

Safety and product protection

Product is safe and protected no matter how many times you open or close. The Easylid™ outer ring has been designed to ensure a tight seal every time the lid is replaced, maximising safety and reducing product waste.

Sustainable solution

|To meet consumers’ concerns about environmentally friendly products and enable manufacturers to meet the increasingly rigorous sustainability standards of retailers, the Easylid™ closure uses metal and plastic, both of which are easy to recycle. Metal is 100 percent (infinitely) recyclable. In other words, it’s a permanent resource.

Proven concept

The Easylid™ closure was initially developed in collaboration with Finnish paint company Tikkurila and is currently undergoing commercial trials with a range of DIY and paint companies in Europe. It works for non-UN water-based paints.

Crown was the winner of the Starpack highly commended award in technical innovations category.

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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall