• Woolcool sustainable packaging wins 2018 Queen’s Award

    Woolcool sustainable packaging wins 2018 Queen’s Award

    With the world crying out for genuinely sustainable alternatives to man-made packaging materials, the winning of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation by Staffordshire company Woolcool demonstrates the very real credibility of using a natural, renewable packaging resource, sheeps’ wool. First conceived by founder and CEO Angela Morris in 2001, Woolcool is a superior

  • Salami and mince packs recognised

    Salami and mince packs recognised

    MarKo’s climate-neutral stand-up-pouch for Salami and Atria’s easy-open vacuum pack for minced beef were both recognised in the WolrdStar Awards. Having previously used metallised plastic packaging, German MarKo wanted a more eco-friendly pack for its Salamis. A special paper-plastic composite pack (FSC®-certified paper), reduced global warming potential by 40%, and required 33% less energy in

  • Pop Mentos display is an eye-catcher for judges and shows off creative capabilities

    Pop Mentos display is an eye-catcher for judges and shows off creative capabilities

    For almost a century, Koskinidis Packaging (Styl. Koskinidis S.A.) has been producing high quality packaging and display products. Building on the four cornerstones of innovation, versatility, competitive prices and excellent customer service, the company has established itself as a leader in its field. Established by Stylianos Koskinidis as a small manufacturing business in 1922, the

  • 15 million bags of crisps a week produced

    15 million bags of crisps a week produced

    Kolak Snack Foods is one of the leading UK crisp and snack producers, employing more than 800 people, with a turnover of circa £100 million. Operating out of London, it produces 15 million bags per week. It incorporates Berkshire foods Ltd, NC Snacks and Richmond Crisps and has been awarded the “Gold Award” for outstanding

  • More power for pallets

    More power for pallets

    James Jones & Sons Ltd has revealed a new venture it says will dramatically improve the quality, length of life, and environmental benefits of wooden pallets, and significantly reduce their whole life cost. UPALL® manufactures and fits robust protectors at the points of entry on wooden pallets. This means the pallets last longer, need far

  • Perfect Match

    Perfect Match

    Primera Technology is known for its LX-Series of colour label printers, using the latest inkjet technology. For start-up and small businesses Primera’s LX500e Color Label Printer utilises a new print engine that doubles the maximum print speed from 25 to 51 mm/s. LX500e is also perfect for in-store on-demand label printing applications such as personalised

  • Synus offers the complete package for all kinds of checkweighing

    Synus offers the complete package for all kinds of checkweighing

    Minebea Intec maintains a strong reputation in the supply and support of its bestselling Synus checkweighers, which can also be supplied as a CoSynus combination unit by adding the Vistus metal detector. There are several factors that contribute to the machines’ popularity in the food and pharmaceutical industry, including weighing accuracy, sensitivity of the metal

  • Environmental credentials

    Environmental credentials

    Packaging manufacturer Measom Freer has achieved the BSI ISO 14001:2015 Certificate in Environmental Management. The company believes it has a moral duty to protect the natural environment and is committed to minimising its global impact as a business by improving resource efficiency, reducing waste and reducing costs. The company ensures its stock products are sustainable

  • Keeping you posted

    Keeping you posted

    RPC M&H Plastics has created a range of packaging solutions designed to be easily posted through letterboxes. The Postal Pack range is available for both solid & liquid contents, ideal for mail order products, with varying neck and closure specifications to fit either type of product. The standard solid dose variants are available in 150ml,