• Visible Source Tagging: a new trend in product security

    Source Tagging – which places EAS labels on products at the point of manufacture – has long been heralded as a positive development by the packaging industry. Not only does it save retailers a considerable amount in labour costs but thanks to strict pre-agreed security label application guidelines, it also helps meet packaging and labelling

  • Influences on the Future of Specialty Films

    Smithers Pira assesses the key influences on the future of the specialty films market. Economic influences Specialty film demand, like other polymer markets, is influenced by the economic cycle. However, consumer demand for staple products such as food, beverages and healthcare products has tended not to decline quite as much as demand for discretionary items

  • The Current State of the Paper Packaging Market

    Within the recycled materials market, paper packaging is the largest sector, accounting for around 65% of all recycled packaging. Paper and paperboard also have the highest recycling rates worldwide (with the exception of glass in some countries). Demand for paper packaging will continue to grow, due to the manufacturing economies of China and other emerging

  • Insight: Key Drivers and Trends in Corrugated Packaging

    The corrugated segment of the packaging industry is growing rapidly. Demand for corrugated packaging material is expected to increase by an average of more than 4% annually over the next five years, and will amount to almost 115 million tonnes of converted material worth an estimated $176 billion by 2019.   There are a number

  • The latest innovations in packaging

    The latest innovations in packaging

    Brand owners are constantly innovating to keep up with the changing demands and requirements of consumers, as well as to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment. Alongside changing consumer habits, there have been recent developments in technology meaning that there is now opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers to be more creative than ever before.

  • A key source of profits

    A key source of profits

    Technological advancements in on-pack security labels and tags are proving hugely valuable to retailers. Advancements in anti-theft Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labelling technology offers retailers improvements in everything from product presentation and security to improved efficiency, supply chain visibility and inventory management. Put simply, these new labelling developments are delivering

  • How does sustainability challenge luxury packaging?

    How does sustainability challenge luxury packaging?

    Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware and are seeking out more sustainable lifestyle choices, as discussed in our recent consumer packaging trends bulletin. Packaging manufacturers are responding by ensuring their materials and processes are as eco-friendly as possible.  But how about the luxury packaging market? There is increasing public and industry pressure on luxury brand owners to

  • The shift from rigid to flexible packaging

    The shift from rigid to flexible packaging

    The way in which consumers view and interact with packaged products is changing. With a growing focus on convenience and sustainability, traditional pack types are being replaced by innovative and flexible options designed to meet these consumer needs. The flexible packaging market is estimated to be worth $351 billion by 2018, meaning that it is

  • Packaging recycling in 2013 and beyond

      Eric Collins, Managing Director of Nampak Plastics, looks at packaging recycling over 2013, and where we need to go from here.   This year the UK celebrated the 10th annual Recycle Week, with people all over the country focusing on the theme of ‘Recycling – at home and away’. A spotlight was shone on metals,