Bubble Wrap™ Appreciation Day

Bubble Wrap™ Appreciation Day

Sealed Air, the global leader in protective packaging and inventor of Bubble Wrap™ is marking this year’s Bubble Wrap™ Appreciation Day (27th January) with the first European induction to the Bubble Wrap™ Hall of Fame.

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A video featuring a ‘Bubble Wrap™ Bike’ has also been launched, featuring Sealed Air’s real-life mascot ‘Professor Packaging’.

The Bubble Wrap™ Hall of Fame showcases some of the most unusual and exceptional creations made from  Bubble Wrap™ by inspired fans from around the globe.

The first European inductees to the Bubble Wrap™ Hall of Fame, Bob and Gael Spishak, from the UK, are part of a small group of glass artists. They have created a magnificent glass Bubble Wrap™ dish, which is now a prized possession for the couple. They even take it on global trips to show to friends abroad.

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Bob and Gael said: “Bubble Wrap™ seemed such an exciting product to test our skills with. Bob does most of the work, and I take all the credit! Bob and I met each other in 1991 and have worked on creative projects ever since, taking inspiration from the world around us.

“We made Sealed Air aware of the Bubble Wrap™ dish just as a point of interest – we never expected anything like this. We are delighted to be part of the Bubble Wrap™ Hall of Fame. It is a real honour!”

Bob and Gael Spishak join American Eric Buss as part of the Hall of Fame. Eric created a Bubble Wrap™ Bike, and placed a video of it on YouTube which has received nearly 2 million views.

Sealed Air has taken inspiration from Eric and put Professor Packaging to the task. In a newly released video, Professor Packaging tests his bike at a Bike and Skate Park and chaos ensues. You can view the video below.


Stuart Roberts, Sealed Air’s Executive Director, Business Development & Markets Europe, said: “On a day where millions around the globe celebrate Bubble Wrap™, we wanted to make a special effort to highlight the love people have for this unique product.

“The Bubble Wrap™ Bike video was created in celebration of the fun people get from Bubble Wrap™ across the globe .”

Bubble Wrap™ was first invented by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957, and was intended to be sold as wallpaper. However, the creators soon realised that it would be a much better alternative to newspaper packaging and sold it under its original name, Aircap®, through Sealed Air.

It has now been on the market now for more than 50 years and is still used widely by internet retailers, as well as other industries, across the world.

Over the years protective packaging has been a valuable partner in delivering successful shipments for a range of weird and wonderful items, including priceless artefacts and even NASA’s astronaut training simulator.

Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall