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  • ‘When nature gave us lemons we made lemonade!’

    ‘When nature gave us lemons we made lemonade!’0

    The brains behind drinks manufacturer, We Made Drinks, made the company’s first batch of lemonade whilst at university, after being set the task of starting a business for one of their modules. The company’s first batch of 160 bottles was a huge hit and sold out in just a few hours. The zesty lemonade received

  • Patented new void fill system gets green light

    Patented new void fill system gets green light0

    Easypack Limited, the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly packaging solutions, have launched a new high-speed void fill packaging system with new patented technology.

The NEW Quantum™XT is a fast void fill solution that allows users to firmly secure goods inside the box using 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable paper. The system is ideal for

  • Seminar provides guide to improving your productivity

    Seminar provides guide to improving your productivity0

    ABB Robotics seminar and workshop for UK SMEs explains why investing in robots doesn’t have to be difficult ABB’s forthcoming Switch to Robots seminar will explain how ongoing reductions in the cost and complexity of robotic automation are opening up new opportunities for UK SME manufacturing companies. Taking place at ABB’s Milton Keynes site on

  • New Mirri Wow Pack variations

    New Mirri Wow Pack variations0

    A recent micro-experiment Celloglas conducted with The Retail Institute saw brands, agencies and print industry professionals put themselves in the shoes of the consumer to consider the impact of packaging interior and if it could be connected to product quality perception. Conducting a micro-experiment, Celloglas and The Retail institute set out to test a researched theory

  • Wood product growth supports 2018 stable outlook

    Wood product growth supports 2018 stable outlook0

    The likelihood of strong profits from the wood products business, alongside higher prices and growth in paper packaging from increased e-commerce demand, will help to offset the secular declines in the printing and writing paper segment, according to Moody’s Investors Service.

  • The importance of colour in branding

    The importance of colour in branding0

    Research has revealed that a signature colour can increase brand recognition by 80%. Even without seeing their logo, most people could recognise a Starbucks’ drink by its characteristic green straw.