BEUMER provides individual and efficient solutions for final packaging Right through to perfectly packed stacks

The BEUMER Group based in Beckum employs 3,200 people worldwide and has been developing customized palletizing and packaging technology for more than 75 years. The BEUMER Group also offers its customers a widespread service network. This puts the BEUMER Group in an excellent position to produce filling, palletizing and packaging solutions.

“Our goal is not the short term profit, but the long term success” – this is the guiding principle of the BEUMER Group, which was founded by Bernhard Beumer in Beckum in 1935. Family spirit, the integration of employees into all operational processes, innovation, communication and the constant dialogue between Sales, Engineering and Research and Development are the basis for this future-oriented alignment. Manageable growth, global market presence and a large range of products in the conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging segments – as well as sortation and distribution technology – ensure the long-term success of the company. The BEUMER Group achieves an annual turnover of about 500 million EUR.

The system supplier designs, constructs and installs systems tailored in detail to the specific project requirements. These systems are used in widely differing industries, such as the cement, lime and gypsum industry, in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, brick, beverage, fertilizers and animal feed, food and luxury goods sectors.

BEUMER also has in its program its fillpac R bagging machine, which enables bags to be filled efficiently with bulk material and which is designed for capacities of 300 to 6,000 bags per hour. The fillpac handles various types of bag, including HDPE bags.

In palletizing technology, the company group offers high-performance palletizers from the BEUMER paletpac range, which stack up to 5,500 bags per hour on pallets with the highest accuracy and stability. Other containers, such as cartons, boxes, canisters and trays, are palletized and depalletized fully automatically, safely and economically by articulated arm robots from the BEUMER robotpac range.

The BEUMER Group product range in the field of packaging technology includes stretch film packaging machines, which fix palletized load units on pallets with highly stretchable films. This secures the goods during transportation to the customer, and protects products against moisture, dust and the effects of the weather during storage. The range is supplemented by shrink-film packaging machines and machines for palletless packing.

To ensure that all of the user’s systems have a high level of availability, the BEUMER Group has a Customer Support team made up of highly capable experts located all over the world. They provide professional repair and maintenance, deliver spare parts and carry out customer training. When it comes to innovation and product development, the company group places particular importance on combining system performance with responsibility for people and the environment. In order to measure the sustainability of its machines and systems, the BEUMER Group has undertaken to evaluate them holistically on three levels: economy, ecology and social responsibility. With the BEUMER Sustainability Index (BSI), the group has developed a validation system which is used to systematically, continuously and verifiably measure the machines and systems. The newly developed BEUMER stretch hood i high-performance packaging machine offers sustainability of the highest class. Among other things, the high level of economy is based on a 30% saving of compressed air, reduced film consumption and the high throughput of 115 pallets per hour. The improved man-machine interface concept enables ergonomic working, and the menu-guided control of the machine is simple and intuitive.

The BEUMER Group is an international leader in the manufacture of intralogistics for conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging, sortation and distribution technology.
BEUMER has improved the fillpac R rotating packer and equipped with it with additional features.
The BEUMER robotpac range palletizes and depalletizes different items using specifically developed gripper elements/tools.
Der BEUMER paletpac erstellt exakte und stabile und damit platzsparende Palettenstapel.
The BEUMER stretch hood high-performance packaging machine secures the goods on the pallet, minimizes film consumption and protects the product against external influences.

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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall