Award-winning packaging from Macpac for Surecel clamshel range

Award-winning packaging from Macpac for Surecel clamshel range

Stockport-based thermofomer Macpac has once again received a prestigious Starpack Award for outstanding packaging. The Surecel range of self-locking clamshells was recognised by the judging panel as ‘a great alternative to a welded clamshell’ after being entered into the creative and sustainable section – technical innovation.


The Surecel range provides a selection of shapes and sizes with elegant sleek lines that is already proving to be attractive to the retail industry. Surecel is available as a standard range and as a custom range. The standard range has around 17 different variations to choose from. There is no tooling cost involved for any of these products, which keeps the final pack costs as competitive as possible. There are two-clip and four-clip variants. The four-clip variant is suited to heavier, bulkier products whilst the two-clip satisfies the needs of smaller packs. 


The Surecel Custom range is based on the plinth profiles of the Standard range but allows for an add-on shape to be accommodated that fits the product precisely. This is ideal for bulkier products or unusual shapes. The beauty of the add-on tool approach is that the only tooling cost is for the extra shape, as all the tooling exists for the standard plinths. The closure system is what Macpac believe really impressed the judges. The stud closure is simple to click into the closed position but is really difficult to open again. 


However unlike welded packs it can be opened without using scissors, so if a product needs to be returned to the retailer for any reason the pack doesn’t have to be destroyed beyond being re-usable. This is an important feature for retailers that value packaging that doesn’t compromise product returns being re-sold without being discounted. The option to provide adequate security without welding eliminates an additional process that consumes energy, takes time and costs money. The equipment required for welding is also bulky taking up valuable floor space. 


Launched in 2013, the Surecel range is made utilising the male forming technique. This allows for strong cavities to be formed using thinner gauge materials. Side walls are thinner but the manufacturing precision and the integrated stud design brings the clamshell walls together in a way that doubles the wall strength. This enables stronger packs to be made from less material, which adds to the environmental credentials as well as making more cost effective packaging. 


The Surecel closure is being used on a number of other Macpac product ranges including the Plantpac horticultural range. The big advantage with the horticultural packaging is that the closure is easy to close by packers even when wearing gloves, which speeds up efficiency in the pack-house. 


The strong closure also means that packs are more stable in transit and much less likely to burst open. Added pack security reduces customer complaints about damaged plants, which can be a costly problem for mail order plug plant suppliers. All Surecel packs are manufactured from recycled PET, which can in turn be recycled.


Macpac managing director Graham Kershaw said: “I’m delighted that Surecel has been recognised by Starpack for its technical excellence. It demonstrates our ability to address real packaging issues and produce innovative ideas to create commercially viable packaging that really works.” 


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Stephanie Cornwall
Stephanie Cornwall